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    1. Duccks

      Update Changelog #1 (July)

    2. Duccks

      Update Changelog #1 (July)

    3. Duccks

      Update Changelog #1 (July)

      This thread outlines the changes made on the server as well as other BerryMC platforms. These changes are made possible through the bug reports section on the forums which allows us to identify issues and resolve them. This changelog will be periodically updated throughout the month of July and...
    4. Duccks

      Network Top Voters

      Voting is crucial to keep the BerryMC network running and for new features to be added. You can vote every 24 hours using the following LINK. As an incentive to help us, we will be rewarding the top 5 voters for this month (June). The contest will end on June 28. The prizes are as follows: Top...
    5. Duccks

      Helper Application (ThatBradleyC)

      I suggest you edit the original post rather than add information through replies. I also suggest that you take the time to use proper sentence structure with capitalization, grammar, and basic word mechanics. As of now, your application isn't strong and I can't see it being accepted since you...
    6. Duccks

      Towny Gangs- boot or keep?

      Towny currently has a gang system installed to allow for arena fights between different gangs. Simply create one with /g create (name) and then use /fight to challenge others. With a minimum of two players on each team, the gangs can fight in an arena and bet money on who will win. Should this...
    7. Duccks

      Network Top Voters and Donators

      Voting and donating are crucial to keep the BerryMC network running and for new features to be added. As an incentive to help us, we will be rewarding the top 3 voters and 3 donators for April. The contest will end on April 30. The prizes are as follows: Top Voters: 1st place: $20 store credit...
    8. Duccks

      BerryMC - We have returned!

      Welcome to the BerryMC network! On February 22, 2020, the BerryMC network will have its first soft release to the public. We expect server traffic to pick up throughout the next few weeks which will lead us to our major release. For a list of updates and changes, you may visit our Discord or...
    9. Duccks

      Network My personal opinion & Bug reports

      Webpage (including Forums, Store and Bans) There isn't a Store link at the top of the page. ✔ I would make the logo smaller. Voting page(Monthly Rewards), It says "Reward Title" three times. ✔ Links will be added upon release I would remove the labels, doesn't match with the website...
    10. Duccks

      Staff Application Guidelines

      Helper applications are currently CLOSED as of April 20, 2020.
    11. Duccks

      Official Wiki Team

      The Wiki serves as an expandable resource that is used to help and inform new and old users of current network features and information. In order to serve as a reliable resource, several BerryMC members must work alongside each other to update and maintain the Wiki and its content. If you’re...
    12. Duccks

      Staff Application Guidelines

      This forum should be used for players who want to apply for the position of helper. To apply, simply click the red "Apply for helper!" button and fill out the form. This will automatically input your information into a thread that's easily readable by only you and the staff team. Prior to...
    13. Duccks

      Official Network Rules and Punishment Guidelines

      Updated as of January 26, 2020
    14. Duccks

      Working on the new BerryMC!

      Working on the new BerryMC!