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  • Towny Gangs- boot or keep?

    Should gangs be kept on towny?

    • Yes

      Votes: 2 66.7%
    • No

      Votes: 1 33.3%

    • Total voters
    • Poll closed .


    Towny currently has a gang system installed to allow for arena fights between different gangs. Simply create one with /g create (name) and then use /fight to challenge others. With a minimum of two players on each team, the gangs can fight in an arena and bet money on who will win.

    Should this feature be kept or removed? Why?


    does stuff
    I think the same as Nick, we can't make a server wide change unless the majority of the playerbase agrees with it. To get a proper analytic from this we'd need pretty much every member in the community to vote. And Towny in general doesn't get all that many players at the current moment for any administrator to make a final action. This is just a thought though!