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    This forum should be used for players who want to apply for the position of helper. To apply, simply click the red "Apply for helper!" button and fill out the form. This will automatically input your information into a thread that's easily readable by only you and the staff team. Prior to applying, please familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines listed below. Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from the staff application process.

    What exactly is a helper and what responsibilities do they have?

    A helper is equipped with several new commands (limited) and given the task to oversee the player chat and forum discussions. Rather than focusing on player issues and bugs, a helper helps and replies to users who seek assistance in the chat. Helpers should know the game mode of their server very well, which allows them to answer any server-related questions. In addition, helpers can issue minor punishments for small chat infractions. On the forums, helpers should lock threads that are unnecessary, chaotic, or otherwise break the forum rules. Helpers can also issue warnings on the forums. On the discord, helpers should warn users who break the server/discord rules.

    Helpers are given several new commands and features to assist them in their duties and include:

    • Punishment commands:
      • /warn
      • /kick
      • /mute
      • /clearchat
    • Navigation commands:
      • /tp
      • /tpo
      • /thru
      • /ascend
      • /descend
      • /top
    • Misc. Commands:
      • /welcome
      • /staffchat
      • /socialspy
      • /nightvision
    • Features:
      • Bypass skyblock island lock
      • Don't get kicked from being AFK
      • Bypass no fly zones (PVP)
      • Bypass all command and movement cooldowns
      • Cannot be ignored by other players
      • See players in vanish

    What requirements must I meet to apply for helper?

    Once you have met the requirements below, the form will be open and available for you to submit. Please note, however, that any spam or misconduct to meet the requirements will disqualify your application.

    • You must have an account on the forums for a minimum of 3 days
    • You must have uploaded an avatar (change your profile picture)
    • You must have linked your Minecraft account to the forums
    • You must be an active member in-game for a minimum of 14 days
    • You must have good conduct on all server platforms (forums and discord included)
    • A great understanding of at least one game mode on the network

    What happens after I apply?

    After you apply, we will reply to your application as soon as possible, so please do not contact a staff member to read your submission; however, you may contact a staff member with any questions that you have. Discussing your application on any platform may result in immediate removal from the staff hiring process. We hire on an as-needed basis which means that your application may be placed on hold until we're in need of new staff members. You can check the status of whether or not we will be accepting applications at the bottom of this thread.

    You're only allowed to have one application open at a time. If you need to make a change, edit the original application rather than creating a new one. Duplicate applications will be deleted entirely. If your application is denied, please wait a minimum of four weeks before reapplying. We provide feedback on every application to help you in the future.

    What happens after I apply?

    If you have any questions, you may contact a staff member in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. You may also email us at [email protected].

    Good luck!
    Not open for further replies.