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    Staff Manager
    Staff Manager

    The Wiki serves as an expandable resource that is used to help and inform new and old users of current network features and information. In order to serve as a reliable resource, several BerryMC members must work alongside each other to update and maintain the Wiki and its content. If you’re interested and willing to assist the network Wiki, please read the following information.

    As part of the Wiki team, your duties would include:

    • Creating new content (guides, tutorials, etc.);
    • Updating preexisting content; and
    • Working alongside other team members.

    The requirements to apply for the Wiki team include:

    • Acknowledge that this role only applies to the forums and not in-game;
    • You must have a minimum of 25 informational forum posts;
    • You must have an account in-game for at least one month at the time of applying;
    • You must have an account on the forums for at least one month at the time of applying;
    • You must have good conduct on all server platforms (forums and discord included);
    • A great understanding of at least one game mode on the network.

    Ready to apply? Send the following format to @Duccks via private message on Discord or the forums. Upon initiating the application process, your player logs and punishment history (in-game, forums, and Discord) will be looked over.

    • Minecraft Username:
    • Forum Username:
    • Discord Username:
    • Which game mode(s) do you feel most comfortable in?
    • Why do you want to join the Wiki team?

    Thank you for your interest in helping
    Not open for further replies.