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  • Update Changelog #1 (July)

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    This thread outlines the changes made on the server as well as other BerryMC platforms. These changes are made possible through the bug reports section on the forums which allows us to identify issues and resolve them. This changelog will be periodically updated throughout the month of July and any changes will be noted in replies.

    Server (HUB - H; TOWNY - T; SKYBLOCK - S)
    • #1 - TS: Kit menu no longer says /buy (changed to /store) and no longer displays the /kitpreview command. (Bug Report 1031)
      • Issue: Changed store plugin which removed the /buy menu. The /kitpreview command is in the works.
    • #2 - S: Island kick message color typo fixed. (Bug Report 1034)
      • Issue: Configuration error.
    • #3 - S: Fixed spawner crate. Spawners will now be given.
      • Issue: Plugin changed their commands to give out spawners.
    • #4 - S: Fixed berry shop spawners.
      • Same issue as previous change.
    • #5 - S: PlanetMinecraft voting fixed on skyblock. (Bug Report 1035)
      • Issue: Incompatibility issues with plugin being updated to 1.16.
    • #6 - T: Voting rewards fixed on towny. Correct rewards are now given. (Bug Report 1029)
      • Same issue as previous change.
    • #7 - T: Bounty plugin fixed on towny.
      • Issue: Had to update plugin.
    • #8 - TS: [item] plugin fixed on both servers.
      • Issue: Had to update plugin.
    • #9 - TS: /trade GUI fixed and should now allow for item transfers.
      • Issue: Had to update plugin.
    • #10 - S: Buying stacks of armor and weapons will no longer remove them from your inventory.
      • Issue: Had to change the settings in our anti-dupe plugin.
    • #11 - S: Berryshop is now fixed. Eggs, spawners, and crate key work.
      • Issue: Egg meta name changed. Command to give spawners changed.
    • #12 - S: Changed Shop and Player Vault message colors.
    • #13 - S: Fixed deluxechat hover effect. You can hover over someones username and it'll work now. You can click someones name too. You can also now view someones skyblock island level rank by hovering their name.
    • #14 - HTS: Friend menu now works. /friends. It's bungee supported so friends in the hub are your friends on skyblock and towny as well.
    • #15 - H: Player count in the lobby now is accurate.
    • #16 - S: You can now place end/nether blocks without having to unlock the worlds.
    • #17 - S: /is upgrades is accessible by all players now.
    • #18 - HTS: Changed /list, /who, and /staff.
    • #19 - H: PVP disabled in hub.
    • #20 - TS: Vote party on the scoreboard should now be accurate.
    • #21 - TS: Added a new option in /playersettings to toggle on and off your join/leave messages.
    • #22 - HTS: /survival changed to /towny. You may also use /server towny.
    • #23 - S: Fixed unknown command when upgrading your rank. (Bug Report 1030)
    • #24 - TS: Armor, enchantments, ores, and food sell prices have been lowered.
    • #25 - HTS: Player's can now use /towny.
      • Issue: No permission.
    • #26 - TS: /heal and /tp message fixed.
      • Issue: Typo.
      • 3d33504745a45701ae7b232fbdba0f7c.png

    • [Admin] Moosical resigned.
    • [Developer] FluxedScript was promoted to Developer. (forum)
    • [Helper] Cobra_4 was promoted to helper. (forum)

    • Staff applications are now closed.

    • Balance the economies on both servers.
    • Add a /kitpreview and /buy menu.
    • Fix the store and its minor bugs.
    • Fix forum permissions. Staff applications, bug reports, player reports, player appeals, and donation store issues will be visible only by the staff team and thread author.
    • Archive donation store issues.
    • Add a repair menu.
    • Implement fishing with rewards, rare fish, and chance for drops.
    • AFK fishing system which will spawn in a mob to eradicate this issue.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through the forums, Discord, or email us at admin@berrymc.com and we'll get to you as soon as possible.
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