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    Update Changelog #1 (July)

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    This thread outlines the changes made on the server as well as other BerryMC platforms. These changes are made possible through the bug reports section on the forums which allows us to identify issues and resolve them. This changelog will be periodically updated throughout the month of July and any changes will be noted in replies.

    Server (HUB - H; TOWNY - T; SKYBLOCK - S)
    • #1 - TS: Kit menu no longer says /buy (changed to /store) and no longer displays the /kitpreview command. (Bug Report 1031)
      • Issue: Changed store plugin which removed the /buy menu. The /kitpreview command is in the works.
    • #2 - S: Island kick message color typo fixed. (Bug Report 1034)
      • Issue: Configuration...

    BerryMC - We have returned!

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    Welcome to the BerryMC network!

    On February 22, 2020, the BerryMC network will have its first soft release to the public. We expect server traffic to pick up throughout the next few weeks which will lead us to our major release. For a list of updates and changes, you may visit our Discord or check the forums periodically. If you encounter any bugs you may message me directly on the forums or contact staff through our
    Discord server.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I find the server voting links?

      Upon the server's release, you can find the voting links here. If you vote, you'll get rewards on every server. You can find a list of rewards here.